23 thoughts on “Diaper Group

  1. WOW!!!! I’ve seen the odd pic of older kids wearing diaper before but never anything like this. What is going on here? It looks like a summer camp for diaper-loving kids but maybe it was just a stunt – a one-off activity that they all did for a laugh just for an hour or two.
    HAPHIL12, please tell us whats going on if you know and thanks for posting.

  2. My understanding from seeing these kind of camps was they are real kids with similar issues that require them to wear them. It’s a way to make them feel better and be able to share feeling normal among like friends. Hmmmm, kind of like what BOB’s does for us boy lovers?

    • I don’t think it could be a camp for kids needing to wear diapers for medical reasons. They look as if they are showing them off too much – as if they were doing all these activities in diapers/nappies for a bet or a dare from the camp staff. But I might be wrong.

    • I think that’s an adorable idea for a camp Woluf but I think these pictures are what johnking is talking about
      The pics are probably like a dare from the camp staff or some like crazy camp activity they did

  3. That is so cool of you about your attitude towards diapers, Hunter.
    It breaks my heart when some adults act like “he’s too old to be wearing diapers.”
    Did it take a while for you to accept wearing goodnites?

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