Absolute Couple 2.5 Ace Edition

Two boys are better than just one boy. Which couple is the cutest? OBS! Nr 5 is a bit scary, I wonder what they are thinking..any thoughts?

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26 thoughts on “Absolute Couple 2.5 Ace Edition

    • laugh Id burn them all if it weren’t for the boys that play it…I know I will catch a load of crap from the fans of the sport but to me football/ Soccer is boring! shock I only like to watch boys play…Then its exciting…. chuckle Or the Adult teams during a championship or world title game etc…… cry sorry Football fans…

        • Not so I understand the game perfectly I just think its boring and don’t like it! Thats why there are many things in life that are different…Thats called variety We have choices and opinions..I don’t think anyone should take it as a personal insult if another doesn’t like the same things as we do.

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