17 thoughts on “Boy meets Girl 4

  1. Cute but I will crop the girls out of the photos…. laugh Yeah they are cute but I kinda dont like seeing these hot boys with the girls…Bad memories……I had a supposedly str8-ish Braces boy…Really super Hot! boy…Who he and I were lovers…We did everything together the lover stuff AND the friend stuff….Then along came Miss Thing…..started to ruin it by demanding ALL of his time and even told him she was jealous of me because thats all he did was talk about me when they were together…Hee-hee! good Good for me huh?….But I hated the way she tried to drive a wedge between us and he would cancel our time together to be with her …And of course I didnt like when she and he would do” things”….Like I told him she eventually cheated on him and dumped him..and he was all MINE!

  2. Oh my and oh boys and girls – well done post – all of the kids are cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect – wow and holy cow! Hope to see more boy/girl posts soon – they are a nice change of pace – variety is the spice of life.

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