Server down

I think you did notice that the server was not more rechable. laugh
The cause was a broken harddrive, so we must restore a 2 weeks old backup. sad
So the last posts, pms, comments and forum replies are lost. ;(

Currently the blog is limited. So POW and Mermber blog post creation is temporally closed.
Firstly i want to check all configurations, i am sure there are still some problems, after that we will open member blog too.

If you find problems please let me know  it joy 


52 thoughts on “Server down

  1. Bad. sad cry sorry
    The good news is that lost only blog posts, but new uploaded photos remain on the server! Hmm…

    Now I look at the cache of Google, Yahoo, Bing, gamer and save it, then maybe I will share archived links here

  2. I am sorry. I hope that all the problems are resolved. I am a faithful follower of this website and would like to continue to see great post as before. To mi and to the people as I. I wish you luck.I love the beauty of boys.This is the bes site for to see great post of perfect boys!!! heart smile inlove

  3. You had us worried Sascha! I know we all would be devastated if we lost this site permanently! this site isn’t my 2nd home, it’s my HOME! I spend by far more time here than anywhere else on the web!

    we missed you, welcome back! heart inlove

  4. I am so happy you are back. I was working away from home for two weeks and couldn’t visit the site. I was so worried yesterday when I found no connection. Thought it might be malicious action by someone.
    Anyway thank you so much for getting it running again so quick.

    • I love the name alterboy, I was an alterboy once and very pleased to say I was an alterboy and nothing else, in fact, I think the high point of my time there, was my brother and I, he one year older than me were the two alter boys who served at the marraige ceremony of a cousin of mine to her new husband, the husband has since passed away, but my cousin, a really lovely lady, is very much around and part of my family

      however, the idea of religion religous ceremony’s and young fresh faced acolytes has always interested me and the relativly recent scandels coming out of just the catholic church have taken me aback Jeez !!! all that going on and I didn’t even know about it !!!!! if am right, mayby we share a common interest, if not, no problem, I just love this sight, it is what it is, and the youthfull exhuberence of kids is such a joy to watch tks Don

  5. laugh THANK YOU……ICH DANKE DIR SEHR good As a *boyaddicked chuckle I was having boy withdraw symptoms and uncontrollable cravings without my fix of boys….. I almost had to resort back to my old ways of the past…..I like many of us was wondering what had happened? Thanks for the message yesterday letting us know that the server was down a website checker also said that my connection was good but the host server was down…….Whew! Thats good I thought I was the only one and felt I was missing out… cry Thank again and hope all goes well with the repairs…… gamer

  6. It seems that all posts to the members blog from the last three weeks have disappeared (temporarily?) and it seems to take a bit longer then usual to log in..but other wise it’s great to have the site back.Seems like it’s been down for ages bit it was only down since early on Monday morning I think. I did have an inkling it was a server related problem rather then anything else but at the back of my mind I was thinking perhaps the domain has run out and Sascha has decided not to bother with the blog anymore or something like that.Or something more sinister even but I was relieved to see the message on Wednesday morning about the server problem!

  7. Sascha, first – thank you for all your efforts in creating and maintaining this blog. I do worry that you don’t have any other life ;) but I am eternally grateful! Second – I just tried to use the member post, but the “add media” button isn’t doing anything. Just letting you know where it’s at. Namaste, friend, ~Steve.

  8. Being a visitor of the blog on a daily basis, I was worried and first thought many things, like the server was down or in the worst case, the blog was blocked or discontinued. It was a relief to read your message that the problem was a server crash and that the site is back. It doesn´t matter too much if some information has been lost, the important thing is that the blog is running and will go on. Thanks for your hard work.

  9. I am sure you guys will get everything working. Thank-you for showing such dedication to our international Boylove Community. Considering that this is a free site, you guys do an incredible job!

  10. THANK-YOU SO MUCH !!!!! Have missed this blog like loosing my right arm !!!! If I could buy you a drink I would !!!! Thanks Again for restoring this amazing blog!!!! Love and Best Wishes always Nellie xxxxx

  11. When I saw the initial message I thought “Oh my Lord,
    they’ve shut the site down” !! However , after waiting some
    anxious days we are all back !! Thankyou Sascha for all the
    work you do in keeping us BL’s more than happy.

  12. its great to see the blog back – it looks great as always. Congrats to all of those who helped to fix the blog – good work and job well done. Got to love technology – when it cooperates! – LOL! Anyway, good to see everyone – it’s great to see the blog and it’s good to be seen once again. Long live BoB for many years to come.

  13. Greetings

    I have noticed that some posts have videos that no longer load. Should I repost these or just give it time? I am getting complaints about them not loading so I will ask if it is an issue you guys will resolve or if it is easier just to repost them.

      • Greetings

        Forgive me but I am not aware of what a concrete link means. I am currently accessing the site from a desktop computer as opposed to a tablet. I see some vids do not load but that could just be a technical issue on my end. I was just wondering if it is required to repost in case it is a technical issue from your end. You guys know best.

  14. Thank you sacha for taking sometime out of what you stated was a busy schedule and got it fixed almost as soon as it was obvious you noticed it. Much thanks, and I love your signature, lovely greetings I think it was. A very lovely saying considering the circumstances.

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