My second post :)

after a decent response from my first post i figured i would make a second to show me during wrestling matches last year. i have kik and my name is XXXX (please read the rules, share your accounts only in private with people you trsut). 12369066_1073866895965711_4952127656227855232_n1723866_1087509497934784_4512659036485136140_n12593905_1098605723491828_3772424232783971780_o10404075_891685517517184_36777169888905072121_n

10 thoughts on “My second post :)

  1. I agree, you look rly good in your singlet. n i have those same shoes too. Youre def one of the ones i would be caught staring at at a tourny, if you dont mind me saying lol. What weight do you wrestle?

  2. JDFORYA……You are a real hottie! Very cute face yes heart And a very sexy body…Oooh I want some of that….. Last young pic is really hot!!! Keep posting……Cant wait to see more.

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