35 thoughts on “Superb Hot Blonde Boy!

    • he is a beauty and any inferiors are just that. inferior races are most everybody as most of us in the human race are less than beautiful even while young and at our best. we human racials are better than gorillas. F all that. — most of we human creatures are only what mothers might love, just might love, or just like, or merely put up with, maybe. beautiful to others or not. beautiful places and its peoples there on are everywhere with few beautiful looking examples of its peoples. the beauty is there as nature demands, so to speak … beauty is not demanding nor guaranteed … but of our love of where ever it comes to be. racial and other irregularities do not stand in the way of loveliness nor beauty. love what you love. deny no one other the love of beauty there in their regular view … I fall in love with those of many races unknowable to me at youngster hood. few of all of the many are beautiful. few are of any of us beautiful. beauty is not guaranteed. and love of beauty is more than a viewpoint. not all sunsets give adieu the same way. love what you do with love and forget the irregularities !!!

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