14 thoughts on “Daddys’ Boys Inside and Out

  1. This is a GREAT set!! Thank you for posting! I have been hoping for a group like this since I found this place. Love, love, love seeing boys with their dads (and boys with men generally).

    Makes me wonder – how many dads do you think are active here? Anyone want to chime in? I suspect most BLs never have the honor to be a dad to be the care giver to a boy. Easily the saddest part of being BL I would suspect. We all deserve to have the unconditional love from and for a boy.

    As for me, I’ve been lingering for quite a while since being active back in the early summer. Look forward to communicating and being in touch again. Anyone who has messaged in the past is invited to say hi and I will try to do the same. And anyone new who wants to chat privately is welcome to be in touch.

  2. So sweet and beautiful, seeing fathers actively involved in their boy’s life.
    I must say, number 9 is quite attractive good those cute little socks! hug thank you for sharing!

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