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  1. Speaking of ashamed.. . sad I am regretfully ashamed at some of the cruel and closed minded comments about some of these poor kids by some of the supposedly caring member’s of the BL community and BoB members. First off… Some of these fat,chubby,over weight kids (whatever term you choose) Cant help it…sometimes its a genetic problem sometimes yes, It may be just poor eating habits? And yes it is very unhealthy and dangerous too! Who is to judge them…or their parents before one knows what problems they may have first. And as one suggested about “The food industry converting an entire country into extreme bad eating habits” I can only imagine what country is in his mind…Hate to break the news to you but anywhere there is food there is this problem not just one country….. Dont you realize these poor boys are outcasts and ridiculed enough already? I have a soft spot for the underdog…Maybe (and not to gloat) Its because I was never in most of the categories that kids that are picked on are in. As a little boy I was never fat..I was always rail thin,I was considered really good-looking, I was popular had loads of friends, We weren’t poor etc etc- So I hate when someone picks on a person for not being what society thinks they should be…Like all you BL`s who have so much disdain for people who call you PEDOPHILES! How do you feel when you are chastised? Not too welcome do you? I can say that yes,Its true for me too that I am not attracted to super heavy boys either BUT I don’t lower myself to a level of calling them ugly or disgusting… These are children and being a BL you are supposed to love them ALL, Not just the sexy six- packed hot ones either.To those of you who do Id love to see what YOU look like,Maybe like them??…Maybe we would find you UGLY and DISGUSTING too! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Im ashamed of you and ashamed that your in the BL community. sorry

    • I and I think most that visit here would agree with all of that boyaddicked, and you saved me the time typing all that as I totally agree with you…just one thing about people that identify as a “BL”, I never really did like that term. In reality, a “BL” does not love all boys, they all seem to have a specific age range that they “love” the best, some its 3-5, some 8-11, some 11-14 and so on. Some like feet, some like braces, some like arm pits, some blonde hair, and so on. I dont think you will find any “BL” that loves all boys, which is age range of 1-18 or so. In similarity, the boys in this post won’t be loved by everyone here either. But the boys in this post, as with every other post, have their own beauty in one way or another. It doesn’t have to be outside, it’s inside beauty that counts as well, but we can’t see inner beauty that easily. I mean this site is “the beauty of boys”, the whole boy, right? Yeah we can lust over boys of a certain age range for the physical qualities we like, but really there is more to that beauty in every one of them. Let’s not judge all on weight or age or bulge. They all deserve to be loved as the total person that they are. We all deserve that.

    • I totally agree with you, boyaddicked, that nobody should be calling these kids names or declaring them to be ugly. You are right – their obesity is mostly not their own doing. They have become this way because the cause has not been addressed by those adults who are meant to be caring for them.

      Obesity is caused by many different things, but always comes down to energy imbalance. The body is taking in more calorific energy in food than it is using, and the excess is stored as fat. And yes, genetics can play a part in that – some people metabolise energy better than others. Poor nutrition, some medications, inactive lifestyle, family eating habits, emotional difficulties and many more factors can contribute to obesity.

      But the bottom line with these kids is that parents, doctors, other caregivers have the responsibility to make sure that these obesity-causing factors are recognised and the child’s diet is planned properly to make sure that correct energy balance is achieved so that the child does not become obese.

      Back in the day, before things like video games, social media, junk food and endless TV, we spent most of our time outside playing sports, riding miles on our bikes, building tree houses, swimming the rivers and tramping the forests. There were very few fat kids! Today obesity has become an epidemic in the western world. And it’s certainly not the kids that have created it!

  2. Boyaddicked, I agree with you at some points, but trust me when I say this, most of these boys who will or have been called “fat” will in fact most likely become “fit” because they have more meat on their bones unlike some people. Also from experiences I know that “bigger” people obese or tall will most likely get feared because of the stature, so if I was going to make fun of a “fat” person, well I wouldn’t. Also also underdogs are most likely to succeed.

    • Franklin combs: “Most of these boys who will or have been called “fat” will in fact most likely become “fit” because they have more meat on their bones unlike some people.”

      “Also also underdogs are most likely to succeed.”

      Really? I’d like to see the pieces of research that you’ve read to back up those claims.

      • you don’t need research to prove it, But I have had many friends who were fat and then during middle or early high school, the use their weight to befit them. For example my friend mike was fat in elementary, but during middle school he grew taller which push all the fat into other parts of the body, that’s why most tall people are skinny. Another example is one of my other friends was fat in middle school, he joined football and switch positions between center, tackle, and guard, and not once did someone get past him, now everybody loves him, and he is still fat. All I’m saying is, fat people are not as bad as people put them down to be. Also they have great love handles

  3. Personally I think lazy is why there are so many overweight youth. When I was a child, there were only 3 TV channels, Cable was just coming out, no Internet, game systems….. Yes, there were still fat kids, but not nearly what you see today. You burn more calories playing ball or riding a bike than you do sitting on your duff.

    • Yes, James_S, but the laziness in youth has been allowed to happen by an adult society who have failed to provide youth with discipline, as well as encouragement and inspiration to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. And to put a band aid on that wound, our goverments, in their infinite wisdom, put things like “sugar tax” on the sale of coca cola and similar soft drinks, in the hope that will stop kids getting fat. How pathetically stupid is that !!!

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