17 thoughts on “Always a pleasure 2

  1. #2 #6 , You two are some serious business. Love it. You got it ,show it.. What in the world did ya’ll do to #8 after getting him under submission? Dad gum. Spill the beans.

  2. Every picture has a different story, all of them great! Love the coffin boy, tongue out to the side. Long haired blonde red shirt with attitude! To two gay boys one in his hula outfit. Thanks.

  3. #1 I wanna give him mouth to mouth resuscitation On that hot red tongue!!!#2 I wanna give him mouth to (hot pink parts) resuscitation for hours!! squirrel #6 Love to take his towel off and see whats holding it up..Look at that Anaconda!!Shlurp it! squirrel #8 Oh what a position Who wouldn’t want that boy in that position do whatever you like!! yes Last pic you can see the hornyness they have for each other..wonder what happens at their sleep overs??… I know what happened with some of mine…. chuckle chuckle joy

  4. Oh my and oh boys – the first 4 and the last 3 are my favs – all of these boys are too much – they are totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow. They are definitely a pleasure to look at – incredible boys.

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