Tommy (Acker) Carlton – Actor/Acrobatic Performer

These are high quality publicity images from the 1952 film, “Tarzan’s Savage Fury”. Tommy (Acker) Carlton played little Joseph “Joey” Martin, along side Lex Barker who played Tarzan. Tommy was such a beautiful and well-built child in the 1950’s, and this was his only acting project. He was unable to do more because he did an acrobatic show with his family who toured the country. Tommy died in 2009 at the age of 68 in Denver, Colorado. Enjoy these beautiful images of little Tommy!2011_07-23_1_carlton2 2011_07-23_2_carlton2 2011_07-23_2_carlton3 2011_07-23_2_carlton3x 2011_07-23_2_carlton7 2011_07-23_2_carlton9 2011_07-23_2_carlton10 2011_07-23_2_carlton11 2011_07-23_2_carlton12 2011_07-23_2_carlton13x

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