Absolut Black&White 2.2 Masters Edition

Here follows a masters of arts set of a boy named Rob. He occurs in all pics but which one of them are the most masterful?










14 thoughts on “Absolut Black&White 2.2 Masters Edition

  1. Oh my and oh boy – love the artsy black and white pics – my favs are 1 and 3 – he is a totally incredible, cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow.

  2. Ah this is the little French boy Robin, all grown up, he has been stunning us since about the age of 7, he must be a teen now, his father (I assume) has always had a thing about dressing him up, what remains the same is the sultry look he has!

  3. That is Great Photography ! A real great moment of artistic photography. Thank you very much joy No words to paint the quality of theses pictures.
    C’est ce genre et cette qualité de photo que l’on aimerait voir plus souvent ici…

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