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  1. I watched the speech the other night, but don’t know what he said. I too busy watching the boy. He was prolly thinking, “Dad, wrap this sh&t up. I wanna go back to bed…
    I think he’s pretty. Esp. in shorts…

  2. You can think whatever you want about Donald Trump but during the speech I could clearly see how worried Barron was over some actions from the audience, for example one shoutet that Trump should kill Obama, and Barron did a facial expression showing to be scared or uncomfortable with the situation

  3. Thanks for posting these pics, Robert. I noticed Trump’s son when Trump was making his speech, I almost put up a message in the forum, because that was the first time I had ever seen Trump’s son, and he seemed to be perfectly in control of himself. I disagree with Tellgren00 because he didn’t, to me, appear to be scared or uncomfortable with the situation at all. If he appeared worried, I think it was more to do with the words of his dad, rather than the actions from the audience. I think he’s got a brain!
    America, – there’s your next President!

    • Sorry but I dont think for a minute it was anything to do with”The words of his Dad”…and I dont think he was worried at all…He was bored and sleepy..He is 10….

    • That’s Donald Trump’s grandson. Mr. Trump was married 3 times, and has 5 children, 3 sons, and 2 daughters. His sons names are Donald Jr., Eric, and Barron. And his daughters are Ivanka, and Tiffany. Barron is his only child by his current wife Melania, and is quite a bit younger than all of his other children!

    • Donald Trump’s grandsons (Donald Jr. sons) are: Donald John lll who is 7 years old, Tristan who is 5 years old, and Spencer who is 4 years old. I’m not sure which one of them that is in the fourth picture above, but it is definitely one of them, with their father, Donald Trump Jr. standing behind him.

  4. Yes Barron is a real cutie…I am with you jamiboydancer and others….I wasnt looking or even really hearing Trump speak…I was watching Barron! Wow I didnt realize he was only ten..I thought he was like twelve or thirteen…He is hot!! heart As was said this was one good reason(Not the only reason in my opinion) that Trump got elected at least we get to look at a hot boy instead of an old ugly Chelsea for four years laugh or listen to the old hag with her shrilly -“nails scratching on a chalk board voice”!!! My eyes were locked and focused on Barron too…and NO I didnt think he was scared either ,,,Hes 10 hello!!! Hes a kid…Did you like to listen to your parents drone on and on anytime when you were a kid,He was bored with all the adults around him….And yes Roberts right,It was really late and I think it had been a long long day and night for the sweetheart! As far as him growing up to be a spoiled Billionaires son only time will tell..As far as from what ive heard his Mom and Dad keep him grounded,Melania has been doing the real world Mother thing bringing him up,Not leaving the Nannies and Butlers to do the child raising,Shes a real hands on Mom and of course thats easy to do when you don’t have to worry about money,yet some rich Moms dont do it,she apparently does. Anyway he will be fun to watch grow a little and see if he is a hot teen ?

    • Yeah I thought the same thing boyaddicked, he looked like 13 and then the next day I heard 10 and I thought wow really, he seems mature for his age. He seemed to know how to behave and act through the speech, holding back a yawn he was tired, got bored and started swaying back and forth, but didnt do anything to look bad at all. A nice bonus while watching the speech for sure. I bet he is a really nice kid irl. So this should be like the movie ‘First Kid’ now with Brock Pierce, good movie if you havent seen it. I’m sure he will adjust to his new life there. I hope he does get showed off for the press often. Past experience is that it seems once the pres kids get in that white house to live you don’t see them much after that, but we’ll see.

  5. If he’s this HOT at 10 years old, I would bet everything I have that he’s going to be MODEL good looking when he’s older!! I can’t wait till he’s 13 and 14 (my favorite age for a boy) and is sexually aware!! I can see an international playboy in him already!!

  6. Yeah True to both I really love the 12 to 14 age too dash heart …Hopefully his genes dont favor his daddy Donald cause he is not a good looking man…But his Mom Melania was a Model and look at the Beckham boys…both their parents are good-looking people,so….? Who can tell… Ive seen two not so attractive parents have really hot good-looking kids and some good-looking people have not so attractive kids so…??? I mean you can see a little bit of Donald and one of Barron’s half brothers in him ,But he gets those pretty Bluish-Green eyes from momma.. I just love Barron and cant wait to see him grow …just a little though,not too much LoL….. chuckle

  7. He is definitely cute but Baron doesn’t smile very much – and I wonder why that is – because I think he would have a nice smile. One thing is for sure – there will be no shirtless (or swimsuit) pics of him now that he is the first boy. As for Trump, it’s going to be an interesting and long next 4 years…the question is will it be interesting good or interesting bad…the jury is definitely still out on that one.

  8. Not to be rude, but I think most of youtube guys like anything with a penis. I myself is very picky when it comes to boys. He is not girly enough for me.

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