10 thoughts on “Boys with a bit of meat!

  1. I think they are cute! Some boys are not going to be the six packed model type…These are natural everyday boys and a little bit of baby fat is cute…Look at their faces they are just as cute even if they are not super skinny…Yes last pic does make you do a double take and this poor kid is too big but he is none the less cute,Boys on the baseball caps are mine!!!! penguin

  2. Baseball cap boys are totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing – wow and holy cow. As for the other boys in this and a few other posts, it’s true that not every boy is going to be what is seen as the ideal look – all boys (and girls too for that matter) are unique and they are all different – that is just how life. The one thing I will say is that boys that have a bit more meat have more in the chest area too – which is enjoyable to look at….but, I will leave it at that.

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