Playing With Boyfeet

Sorry there is no sound on this one. Two preteen boys.


Playing with nine-year-old Feet

Playing with Fourteen-year-old Feet

9 thoughts on “Playing With Boyfeet

  1. The boys in the first video are definitely cute and beautiful but the video itself is just too much and totally unbelievable – Iam speechless – and I have to wonder what else they play with because it sure looks like they enjoyed the feet a lot.

  2. First Vid Oh yes without a doubt these boys are doing more then just feet!! Im sure if they are willing to do the feet it works its way down or up actually… squirrel Its kinds creepy though,Look how they do things then stop and read their screen…Its like they are being watched and performing for someone on-line? Maybe being paid? Were do I sign up…hee-hee chuckle

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