Angel of love

Hi there. Come here often? Me too. But sharing as a member … oy that’s scary isn’t it…

People these days rather judge than tolerate…

Wanted to share this picture with everyone. So guess I’m a member now too.

To me, it’s the angel of love. The book he reads has all our names in it.

Every day, he picks one out and thinks of that person all day smile

Hopefully, you will think of him sometimes too?



8 thoughts on “Angel of love

  1. So Angels really do exist…he surely looks like one so he must be the angel of love. That is some big book he has – must be a lot of BL out there. I doubt that my name is in there so I don’t believe he will think of me but I will definitely think of him spreading love and happiness to all. But I hope all your names are in the book and that the Angel will think about all of you.

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