Hi guys, my name is Santtu, i’m 12 and i’m from Finland

i know it’s weird to see that i’m actually doing this. I’ve been following this blog for a while and honestly i was scared of sharing my pictures because of my age, but i felt like doing it and here i am… I’m actually gay… believe or not, I am looking for boys in my age range (11-13, maybe, just maybe 15) just for a talk, if you’d like to talk to me, feel free to pm me, I’m an open book. Hope i can find someone my age over here
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For leg lovers


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  1. I’m too old for you but I like your text and I think you’re a very cute, brave and open boy. But if I were you, I would not post my photos here. Too many bad people in the internet…
    Btw I know some finnish: Iksi kaksi kölme nelja wisi kusi (or something alike, should mean 1 2 3 4 5 6 and I know it because it’s the names of Nils Holgersson’s gooses, my mum read this to me years ago laugh ) and Maitosuklaata and Hasselpekanötter (because that’s written on a chocolate I like)

  2. Hey young nice boy, Thomix is right, don’t post here more than you did. I am too old for you, yes, but some of friends of my sons and some sons of my friends are 10 to 17 yo. And, like Thomix, I think you are a nice, open and brave boy. Careful to not post or share any picture you maybe regret after. And careful with what some people here (or in another blog) are going to ask you, saying they are 15 yo for instance. It is probably false. But it is possible that is true but don’t be hurry, be wise and if you fear anything, tell us what is the matter. A good answer will never ask anything about you, but only can advise you if it is necessary. Thomix is a very good man. I trust him and you can hug

  3. Oh my and oh boy – you are very cute boy and you look like you have a lot of fun too – wow and holy cow. Hope all is well in Finland. Thanks for sharing your pics and sharing a little bit about yourself – it’s a good thing that you are being so open and honest. Iam out of your age range for chat (although please feel free to pm anytime if you would like to) but I wish you all the best and please stay happy, healthy, and safe and hoping to see more pics of you soon. Take good care of yourself.

  4. You are very cute and very brave for putting yourself on this site like this. There are a lot of grown up men on here and I’m one of them. Not all boylovers like myself are harmless. Some might pose as boys your age so be careful. I’m always available to talk about whatever like growing up liking boys and dealing with bullies, believe me I had my share of them when I was your age. Stay safe and I wish you luck in finding that someone special for you. hug

  5. You are a beautiful and wonderful blond boy
    I love very boys with all my soul and heart
    I am bisex but my preference is for boys
    I love very boys feet
    Your feet are beautiful and wonderful
    I love you very
    You are for me a little brother

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