28 thoughts on “Boys Go Softly

    • I’m sure the first dozen or so times they get dressed wearing this tight stuff they were checking themselves out in the mirror. Some will love the look, some won’t. But you really cant hide it no matter what. The feel of the fabric sliding against it and knowing people can get an intimate look at your bulge and outline is a bit stimulating for them as well I would bet, so at least some of the time you’re walking around with it bigger than usual laugh After awhile you get used to it and don’t really care but I’m sure they are always aware of whats showing, and show it off when they want to.

    • ik the first time i put on my singlet i got super excited down there. didnt know what was going on. thank god i was at home. i ran around the house with it on. now, 2 years later, i still get excited in the locker room. part of it is the thrill or embarassment of everyone seeing you down there. another part is me always looking at the other guys on the team. then, as were touching and pulling and holding each other on the mat, it just happens. i have to tuck it under and between my legs otherwise it goes up to my belly button and my wrestling partner told me how to hide it better liek that.

  1. The last picture, the boy in green, WOW!. He has something to be proud of. And it looks as if the other boy is trying to get a peak at it. He’s thinking “if I can just get my neck around a little more I can see it again” laugh

  2. The last pic I thought nah must be a small cup in there, but after looking a few dozen more times and enjoying it a bit more I guess its not smile Also trojans boy in pic 4 I bet he makes some people’s heads turn walking by checking out that meet meat. Pic 2 doesnt leave much to the imagination and looks great… I bet the person that invented spandex was a bl yes They are all great, nice to see more like this here

  3. Oh my and oh boys – these boys are all cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect – wow and holy cow. Soft and comfort is definitely the way to go for boys and they seem to like it too.

  4. Anyone notice in the 1st pic the boy on the left isnt wearing anything? The last pic, boy in green is definitely not soft!! And the boy in blue is definitely enjoying wht he has done to him by the smile on his face..mmmm and me too….im not soft either!

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