17 thoughts on “My first post/post of me

  1. U are like the most ultimate Prince Charming boyfriend material except u look STRONGER & cooler than any Prince Charming i have known lately, well recently at least. U must have a lotta pretty girlfriendz & admirerz staring at yur every seduktive move. Dont let anyone tell u otherwize cuz i know when i’m rite!! Please post more, maybe shirtless, flexing muscles showoff style wood fit yur handsum teenboy brawn!! Do massive situpz & workout first cuz i wanna see yur adolescent abz & guess yur bodyfat count, probably pretty low. If u showed up at my door on Halloween lookin like pic1, i wood faint & sumhow give u my car keyz so u could hotrod joyryde my cherry red convertble Mustang Cobra SVT around town pickin up chix!! dash wacko

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