28 thoughts on “Superb Hot Blonde Boy! Part 2

    • Wait, I’m sorry but what?! Either there’s something wrong with your eyesights, or there’s something wrong with mine wacko

      In #6, there’s literally not a single pink object inside …the beautiful blonde boy can be seen at the right. Even so there’s still 2 other cute boys in that frame.

      In #7, the pink girl can be seen. But heck, she’s standing even further than the beautiful blonde boy, who’s preparing to make a jump over the ‘rope’!

      Look I’m sorry if I come off as rude, or that you truly have an eyesight issue and cannot see the pictures clearly, but i genuinely do not know if you’re serious or not… dash

      Because clearly in those 2 pics, there isn’t just ‘a girl in pink shoes and nothing else’ gamer

      • God, I’m so sorry…I thought you meant that the pics only had the girl in pink inside…didn’t read it as the girl not having anything on… dash worry

        I guess that’s what you’ll do for reading the comments when you just woke up wacko dash

        Apologies for the previous comment. And regarding the pics, yes please do remove them if it’s necessary admins! yes


          • The ‘naked female looking thing’ looks out of place here as a she-ish looking entity amongst dressed but definite males. Without camber and without umber how can anyone say for which nor for what nor for why such an entity, obviously not a male-ish thing, is there in the made up to be male group photo. Editing it out is now obviously less than as interesting as to what it is and why it is there at all.

  1. Oh my and oh boy – this blondie boy, the other boys, and that blondie girl in pink shirt are all cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect – superb is a good word for them – wow and holy cow.

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