15 thoughts on “Nice and cute kids

  1. HOLY WOW & i was already thinking that b4 previous luvly post & im still on swimteam #3 who remind me exactly of our suburban california usually warm weather jr hi swim team who were ALL hunky heartthrob breaking girl magnet secret luverz summa them that got the idea from me i think as class phag since 6th grade = completely idolized them all nitely & i think a few knew when they caught me staring. One of them picked me up to show off his new car when he barely turned 16 a few yearz later & he had a really SEXY name as they all had cool names like brock peter___ … or J.J. or cuter. joy

    • They had a 10th grade yearbook team picture from mid 70z with just five of the BIJJEST star memberz mostly my friendz since 6th grade as we all lived only a few blockz from swim center overlooking wooded byg hill, rolling grass hilled valley & creekbed where styky thingz happened quite often. Their picture looked very similar to this great #3 selecion fabuloso delicioso lindo muchacho delite feast festival !! drinks gamer

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