8 thoughts on “Boys Wearing Their Underwear Backwards

  1. Love the innocence these boys reveal. Not yet at the point where using that magical trap door is part of their normal routine as yet. Maybe you need to take each boy aside one at a time and give him some direct instruction on how to make use of the underwear when properly worn.

    One of those wonderful uniquely boyish rites of passage – learning to stand and then learning to slip his penis through the underwear to pee. I remember one boy I worked with this on thinking it was the coolest thing ever and it was so great to both share this intimate moment but also to get completely lost in the innocence of it even as I enjoyed the show.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I knew a boy in junior high who wore multiple pairs of double-seated tighty whities and he’d alternate every other pair and pull the seats of the backwards pairs way up high over his chest. His whole torso was just a wall of bulging white fabric.

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