27 thoughts on “Tommy and his ugly cat

  1. Cat’s not ugly, and neither is Tommy. They go together rather well; it takes a gentle soul to properly appreciate a cat and those two look very comfortable together. Always liked a calico, had one as a kid. Nice set, and congratulations on 100 posts.

  2. Oh my and oh boy – I echo everything said above – there is no much going on in these pics – with Tommy alone and him with the cat. First, he is totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, adorable, incredible, and perfect – wow and holy cow for him. His care, love, and friendship for the cat and the cat’s for him is sweet and very touching. Sorry to hear that he might have autism – hope the animals are able to help him. I wish him all the best and hope that he will be able to make progress with some kind of recovery one day soon. And job well done on your 100th post and we all look forward to the next 100 posts – nice work and congrats.

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