40 thoughts on “Are We More Than Just Brothers?

  1. I’m glad you reposted these. I’ve been looking for them. I think they are more than brothers. I would definitely says lovers. They seem to enjoy being together. Are there more?

  2. Wow, I’d give anything to be the guy in that last pic, with his hands on the shirtless younger boy’s chest. Oh to stroke those ribs and feel his heart beating through his small, skinny smooth body…

  3. No sure if their brothers or not,but its true that young boys are with young men.Its wrong for an older guy to take advantage. That young boy can be screwed up by the whole thing.I know,……trust me. sorry

  4. Do people seriously see this kind of relationship wrong? I mean, if they really are related, then that’s another thing, but if they aren’t, I don’t get it at all. I don’t see anything wrong. The older dude can ACT like an older brother to the younger dude, and be a guardian and protector and watch out for him, as well as a lover. I think that’s kind of romantic and adorable in my eyes. Society fucking sucks for portraying the older one as nothing but a rapist and a child molester and the younger one as nothing but a victim of child abuse and someone who is not able to consent to anything. HE’S OBVIOUSLY OLD ENOUGH TO CONSENT TO THINGS BECAUSE HE’S OBVIOUSLY OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS. Fuck society and LONG LIVE MAN/BOY LOVE FOREVER!!!!! heart yes good smile heart

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