38 thoughts on “Pashka, Grown Up!

  1. #1,2,3. Awesome little cutie. Love to see him when he hits 12/13. Hope he keeps his Awesome Smile and blond hair.

    #8,9,10. A teen body in a Cute little guy.

    Still love to see him when he’s older. Such beauty. smile smile smile smile.

    Thanks to whoever shared this little guy with us.

  2. Oh my and oh boy – he is totally and absolutely cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect from head to toes – wow and holy cow. And I second everything that was said above – he is an incredible boy.

  3. Sexy Pashka! dash WoW He looks hot grown a bit…He was always a cutie but hasn’t lost his BL appeal..at least not to me!! He is at a great age sexy too!! Hve always loved his photogenic appeal!!

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