18 thoughts on “Please chat with me..

  1. Okay what should we chat about since all i wanna do is kiss yur jucy lipz & we can swap spyt?! Oopz, im probably too old for u but i used to be young & pretty once upon a time also. Like in a different lifetime it almost seemz. So consider yurself kissed by yur new uncle. What else should we chat about? Scream Queenz is on & how is John Stamos still alive? Is Taylor Lautner still kickin it on this silliest of showz?! Nick Jonas was killed off last season & maybe Justin Bieber should be next altho i still like him maybe but he’s getting in his early twentiez so time for sumthing new like sum young blood talent on u tube maybe cuz therez nuthing fresh & frisky on regular tv these daze

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