52 thoughts on “Paska

  1. This boy is pretty, joyfull, smily, lovely and so nice that he has been my favorite for the first time I saw him ! Thanks a lot to post about him ! heart hug joy All his pictures are a pleasure for me !

  2. Thank you, thank you, Cherryboy, you are killing us with these pics of the older Pashka. He has grown up, but still has a very mischievous look in his eyes, a boy who enjoys life, long may this continue


  3. He is just totally gorgeous… He’s beautiful, he’s hot and he’s just so sexy… Love how nicely he is growing up, his ripped and toned belly is just amazing… He’s becoming such a teen boy stud.. smile

  4. Oh My God! This boy just keeps getting hotter and hotter! I loved the series in the kitchen when he was more slight of build, scantily clad, and just a tad vulnerable looking. Now he’s beefed up a little and has a perfect body, still with that sweet gorgeous face.

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