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Hi! Here is a set of my top ten boys from pictures shared on this site recently. Nothing new, unfortunately, but I hope maybe some of you will post your favorites and perhaps some new ones (at least for me) will appear.

10. Not usually into the model boys but this boy has a perfect body.


9. Love the tan lines, the goofy expression and the idea of what happened right before this shot was taken.


8. One of my all time favorite close up face shots. This boy just has it all.


7. All time favorite face shot and the one I use to identify myself here. Would love to be with this boy and to have been this boy (with a special adult friend!)


6. Love sleeping boys. The innocence is breath-taking and this boy melts my heart.


5. This boy has a beautiful body and there’s something disarmingly innocent yet almost erotic about him sucking his thumb. Maybe it’s just me…


4. A favorite of many here. Love the innocence of a boy free to expose his bare butt. He definitely launches a thousand fantasies about the context of this shot.

***sorry not more allowed here sad Sascha***

3. A stunning boy in a stunning pose. Perfect age, perfect body, perfect butt. Have many dreams about the front view…

***sorry not more allowed here sad Sascha***

2. Love the definition of this boy’s chest, the slick water all over him, his playful look and the way the photo froze the water around his crotch.


1. My all-time favorite boy that I have found here. This boy defines my attraction in every way. If someone were to ask what I love about boys all I need to do is show this picture. His age, his size, his skin, the water, the speedo, the tight grip it forms around his special parts, his hair, even the resolution of the photo when zoomed in.


Please share your thoughts and your own top boys!

57 thoughts on “Top Ten

    • Thanks! Number one is just about the best I have ever seen here. Would be even better if he was facing directly into the camera (or even directly away from it!). Would love to see a complete set of him or even a video. 4 is the censored one – the bare butt boy on the bed with his video game. Is that the one you meant to comment on? I don’t think it was ever posted in this thread. Or did you mean to comment on 5 or 2?

    • You might have to get in a long line to kiss him! His lips are about the greatest I have ever seen here. I’ve never seen a full body shot of him. Would love to. And shirtless would be an amazing bonus. But the close up reveals his incredible lips in a way a full body shot likely would not do.

  1. Thanks for the great comments so far! And I apologize for teasing about 3 and 4. I thought I was reposting from photos I found here. But maybe the rules have tightened. If so, I am fine with that. Would never want to jeopardize the safety of this place. The two censored photos where lucky shots when a boy briefly exposed his backside while changing to or from a swimsuit. But, in all honesty, boy #1 is a far better complete shot than the two missing pictures. I’ll take him any day over the ones that can’t be shown here.

    I’ll see what I can find that can fill spots 3 and 4 in my list.

    In the meantime, please feel free to present your own top ten!

    • Thanks! Number one is definitely provocative and I love the spiderman briefs and 7 is a magical face that defines pure boy beauty to me. Very few pictures make such a deep connection as 7 and 8 when just a face. I love how 7 has hair just barely into his eyes and the slight tease of an open shirt and the mystery of the rest of what no doubt is a beautiful body to match his cute little face.

    • Thanks! They definitely are boy gods. I only regret that we can only share them visually from a distance. Would love to see a video to watch them move and to hear them talk – and particularly to hear them laughing and otherwise just being the phenomenal boys they are. Better still, obviously, would be to be in their presence to be able to smell them and hug them and therefore engage all the senses.

  2. I think the innocence of cuteness is attractive because it is a good way to be, and I would like to be that too. My experience is that you have to be nice for these boys to like you.

    • The innocence and cuteness are vital. As much as I find boys to be sexually attractive, I would never, ever sexually engage a boy. Being nice to them means honoring and loving them as boys – guiding, supporting, counseling, playing, securing, and loving in all the right ways. The closest I would ever go is to educate a boy about his body and his sexuality. Doing more than that does not love a boy. It only serves my selfish interests. I wish it could be different but I know I do right by boys when I keep my sexuality to myself.

  3. Oh my and oh boys – your top 10 are all a perfect 10 in every way – great observations that make each of them special and unique – they are totally cute, beautiful, awesome, and amazing – wow and holy cow. Great job on this post and hope you do another one similar to this one soon.

    • Glad you enjoyed each boy. It is hard to find anything not to love about each one. I have another set I might repost soon. All are shots that have appeared here already. I love sleeping boys, diapered boys (sometimes) and most especially boys who grab hold of themselves and there are quite a few of each. Mostly, though, I am drawn to random physical beauties as represented in this current set.

    • Thanks! I knew there was more of him here. I guess I picked my favorite since all the shots are almost the same. Sadly not a good, clear frontal with his eyes directly into the camera. I realize now that I have the links embedded in each picture back to the threads they originally appeared in. But obviously not all boys show up here as part of a set and maybe there is the chance someone knows where to find more that have yet to appear here.

  4. Thanks so much! This is one of my favorite posts. Not only do I love the boys but your comments, explaining how each is special for you.

    Were I to do a top ten list, I’d take almost all of these. Love Hunter for his humpy little body; the second boy, as you say, for the goofy expression and also for his defined little body. The thumb-sucker — the sexiness of that and his soft body. The bald armpits and taut defined body of the boy in the water. The facial beauty of the others. And that last boy! I’m not the biggest fan of blond hair… but this color blond is amazingly beautiful.

    • Glad you liked them all. Hard to argue with any of them I think. Just the order of priority and the exact features that you find more arousing than I do. I think each boy here represents what all of us find so appealing about boys in general. Certainly there are other types but these seem to resonate with most of us here.

      Would love to see your version of a top ten!

      Thanks for your thoughts about my comments. That was my favorite part of posting. It’s great to connect with the visuals of each boy but I find an added depth when a person shares his feelings about individual boys as well. I loved telling why I find each boy so attractive beyond just saying that I do. Each boy is unique and I love that I can love that about a boy.

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