26 thoughts on “I love a sexy, little jock-boy…

  1. All of the above comments times ten. Totally arousing, the complete package, eyes, hair, nipples, body, look, attitude, butt, pleasure pole, legs. Damn I have to take some fantasy time with him. More please. A rival for Danny, Leo, Spencer, Sonny I & II, Hunter and Tristan–what a harem in my dreams. I’d die of exhaustion in a week, but with a big smile. Thank you Bullseye, you hit it. inlove joy penguin

  2. I agree with Beast, What a beautiful looking boy. I thought it was going to
    be something special to beat our ” resident models” but this boy might just
    have done that. The last four butt shots are particularly satisfying. I’m not sure
    I’m going to be able to sleep tonight now !! Thanks Bullseye for brightening up
    my day tenfold. J.

  3. I wouldn’t say the “prettiest” boy I’ve ever seen though he’s not lacking in looks, that’s for sure. He sure makes up for it though with that body and form. And the fuzzies. smile Nice boy for sure.

  4. OMG!!!!! He is PERFECT!!!! The hair, the face, the eyes, the age (11?), the body, etc. He is my ultimate fantasy. Imagine being with him alone. I wouldn’t be able to control myself. He is one of the most beautiful (and sexiest) boys I’ve ever seen. I’m losing it in a hurry! I’m sure he knows he’s posing for men like me.

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