9 thoughts on “Me again

    • that is not nice to say. according to his details he is 15.
      I have seen big 14 and 15 year olds before, they may look older however are still kids.

      Personally I don’t like the black fingernails, but if that makes you happy, go for it.
      always remain true to yourself, have fun.

      • Or he could just be lying to us. (Like a pervert, and is actually over 25 years and has a 200 album of boys)! Not to be rude but I have done research on men and boys puberty and other things and he maches a adult over 19 or 20.Do you’re research and don’t be jumping to the end. shock

    • Hey man I said that results from boys and mens puberty shows us the stages in there face and there body and you match a 23 year old.and thats what people juge you’re look and see/ estimate your age.

  1. Mrartin..sorry but you are wrong…That is NOT an exact science as every human on this planet is different. There are a number of factors that can promote or delay puberty such as genes,environment,nutrition etc etc…. Ive seen 11 year olds that look like 15 year olds and 21 year olds that look like 15 year olds So to say there is a one size fits all for puberty and development is absurd! You doing “research” by reading and article or two on the internet doesn’t qualify as an expert opinion to me,I think you need to hit the books go to college and study human development/child development for about 10 years before I would take your opinion for true scientific fact! yes

  2. Whatever your age, the site is called the Beauty of Boys. Your pics dont fit into that description.

    And that nailpolish… Ugh…

    Only thing missing is that horrible dog layover bullsh#t someone else is constantly posting.

    If you add that, I would rate it the worst picture ever seen.

    Learn to take a selfie. Unless you’re trying to show your phone deliberately, in stead of your face

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