16 thoughts on “Boys Swimming…In Underwear

  1. Yes maybe, but speedos are also nice, the only difference being the fabric. What are awful are swimming trunks and bermudas on the beach or swimming pool, they are not meant for swimming and sunbathing but for wearing on the street, where they are ok. And the tan line left by bermudas is terrible, half the body remains white! i.o.w. the best in summer is trunks and bermudas for going around, speedos and undies for the beach and nothing at all on clothing optional beaches.

  2. At some place on or near the beach they will have to wiggle and squirm those wet ones off and air dry a few minutes, and then pull on something dry…I wonder what they do with the wet ones lol…hey number 1 let me know when you are done swimming I’ll hang those wet ones on a branch for u to dry out yes

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