23 thoughts on “Hi! Wanna chat?

  1. Hey Kaz, You are fine looking guy. Thanks for the pics. They are real nice. You look great. Would love to see more of you . Massages are great. Giving and getting.

  2. I wood luv to chat but yur way too pretty for me i think, since im yur new uncle & all, im like 4 decadez older than u but im very n2 sum pop culture including music = i watch a lot of new music videoz on regular tv here n SanFrancisco as we have cmc,com on 24/7 on local CHANNELz, more than one, with very few commercialz=better than mtv ever waz except for mtv jamz back n the day when they had few commercialz but all hiphop all the time, no rock like cmc mixez it up. Thatz all i know for now but pm me if u ever get bored & wanna talk or visit SF !! gamer

  3. You are Hot..One of my favorite boxers is from Kazakhstan ” Triple G”.. Gennady Golovkin. He is a super great Boxer and knocks fools out all the time,You should be proud that he is from your country as well as he should be proud of how good you look.!!

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