15 thoughts on “smooth and cute 5

  1. I wanna bodyboard on that first kidz boogieboard washboard stomach abz!! I used to boogieboard & i had another bodyboard that my young dominant friend with benz Julias went out with me on but the ocean here is just slightly cold, like freezing, not like SOCAL !! Then i outgrew my wetsuit in the horizontal position so i kinda gave up after yearz of slippery fun hangin 10 fingerz & 10 frozen toez, altho i did have bootiez & glovez. gamer4

  2. OUTSTANDING post by the way!! gamer i dont think ive seen any of these ripe hunkz in need b4 & they are ALL exactly my type of fantasy bf if they wood only stay like that forever & ever like my lifetime. BREAKING NEWZ=Fidel Castro just died=i liked Florence Henderson better, & i heard greg did also when she devirjinized him!! Supposedly. My fave was Peter now its my real hair Christopher Knight=cool name i think. wacko

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