12 thoughts on “BOUNDLESS LOVE

  1. Having worked with children as a physical educator I feel so sad for children who are grossly over weight, not just for the health problems they will experience, but for the emotional and psychological trauma they have to deal with.
    To me their parents, who are responsible, are child abusers and should be forced to get education on how to help the children eat and exercise better. My two cents!

  2. The up side here is that the boys are smiling and happy having fun and they are ok with themselves for the most part it seems, and I’m sure they realize they are a bit different from their friends. Not really caring about how you look is a big step to becoming an adult I think, and I’m sure once they realize the health aspects they will try to help themselves the best that they can, so for now good to all these boys.

  3. Agree I already commented on another past post of large obese boys that was riddled with disgusting sophomoric ridicule that was completely un- called for especially here on BoB in that many of the non-BL`s of the world would ridicule us for our love of boys so ???……Do unto others was on my mind. ,Granted yes, I am not attracted to these boys in a physical way but I do believe they have just as much right to be happy as the next boy,they need love…If not more love then the hot skinny cute faced boys,and yes I do agree that for SOME,not all of these boys that their health has been neglected,some cant help it because of medical reasons (glandular,heredity etc) not just inactivity,poor diets and lack of parental guidance,Who are we to judge.. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.They are smiling,happy boys.

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