24 thoughts on “Lest We Forget During Thanksgiving

  1. True. This is the field of my life. I am a practicing lawyer advocating to stop child abuse, a victim of different kind. I saw with my very own eyes this horror and the trauma of the children living in our shelter. Gosh….you cannot imagine. I went through different countries and I have seen different realities such this photos. In fact, one of the photos there (i dont want to mention) is exactly happened in the country where i am working at present. Please just be a boy lover don’t harm them nor hurt them. Stop the abuse. Help us fight child abuse just be a boy lover. For those who harm boys for them it is just a game, covered by their passion but they don’t know that the future of these boys will be destroyed. Thanks for sharing these photos at least people are aware that there are also realities of such as these.

  2. It is a mean world with many dark places, all we can do is try and shine some light into the darkness. So many tears and so few smiles, we must cherish and nurture the smiles. Though sad, thank you Pootlen for posting this. cry

  3. The “poor” kid from picture 4 probably tried to stab someone moments or seconds before the picture was taken. If you sympathize with him you are either ignorant, or a helpless leftist.

    • Looking at the expression of his face, how he is scared and how he peed on his pants. I would not comment like that. You were not there on that scene don’t jump into conclusion nor say that words.

      • If I may… If not Oh well ….too bad, I am…speak to what “Man” is saying Is that the Palestinians are often used by the left as a tool to vilify the Israelis . So to him that picture of the “poor” child surrounded by large Israeli soldiers is biased. as to not being there… You guys weren’t there either…You are jumping to conclusions yourselves How do you know that he or she did not just bomb and innocent women or child? You dont Just because you assume that the child “peed his pants” that he is scared does not make him innocent,..Look whos the ASS-umer now. P.S. Please learn how to spell like an adult the mizzzspleelud wurrds are lame and played out!

        • @boyaddicked: seems like by the username itself is unrespectful.
          The statements you uttered shows how arrogant you are. Your hitting below the belt. Be conscious of what you are saying better not comment it is not helpful.

          • My user name is no more “unrespectful” ( not a word by the way) then you me or anyone else visiting this site. I love the beauty of boys and my username reflects the love and attraction (addiction) to them.Im sure you are aware that usernames are supposed to be witty and fun not an actual reflection of whose behind them. My statements as you call them are not at all arrogant nor am I, I merely have an opinion as you seem to have and I will not stand by idle and let a bully try and push his weight around without comment when I have an opinion and answer for them,There is no such thing as “hitting below the belt” when some pompous idiot spouts off and asks for it,You get what you deserve and gain respect when respect is given,Maybe you should re-read his comments to others before you cast judgment on me. and “Peace” chuckle how hypocritical…. Thats a good one… YOU don’t seem so peaceful to me.

  4. Tough and sad pics – life can be very hard for so many – why that is the case, I don’t know – we just have to hope for the best that everyone will be safe, healthy, and happy one day. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  5. boredom ( “Violins playing in the background”)….. P.S. Speechless is a good thing for when you speak your ignorance and intolerance shines brightly. P.S. Your misspelled words are played out…..TIRED!

    • Who the phuck are u & i misspell stuf on purpose so it wont be censored u complete fool !! Boyaddicted needz HEEELLLPP !! Get therapy for yur stupidity & hopeless lonelness. Go ahead & mess with me cuz i Prowl on the mean side of the trax wimpass!! diablo

  6. Once again your showing your stupidity.I think you misspell stuff because you think it makes you young and cool…Both are farthest from the truth as it is obvious you are an OLD TROLL and very un-cool…. Talk about loneliness Ha ha your the poster boy for it creeping around trying to seduce helpless San Francisco street hustlers to live with you like an old troll sugar daddy… chuckle You pal need a therapist for your insecurities that you show by belittling others whom disagree with you and all you can do with your limited mental capacities is berate and insult people. Oooh I shiver in fear at your so called prowling the mean streets…Im the predator your the prey.Try you ? Huh I owned you and now spit you back up into the gutter for which you came…OLD TROLL. yes laugh

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