12 thoughts on “Me in blue briefs 👓😈

      • ^^ Detractors You guys dont have to be so harsh on the boy…If he is ASKING you to rate him then I guess its fair game….but to say something negative is just being a dick! Why not just skip the commentary if you cant say something nice…….Lets see YOUR pic…Oh no wait no one wants to see and old fat bald gray haired wrinkled up face and that pot bellied body huh?… chuckle See how it feels! yes

  1. There is such a plethora of boring, tedious, upside-down, on the side, grainy, out of focus selfies on this blog and it baffles me why people think these make for half decent photos! There are so many examples of nice photos of boys here, so why not look at those and learn how to take a decent pic of yourself in a nice situation, the right way up, that shows you off to your full potential? God, it’s not rocket science!

    • You talk about rocket science I’m still trying to figure out how to get the damn pic outta the phone and onto the computer lol…but seriously an attempted selfie is better than nothing, esp from the younger less experienced cuties, and not everyone has the equipment to produce pics where you can count the number of pubes, er I mean skin pores, however nice those might be. I will admit the upside down ones are kinda hard on the neck though…and yeah the dog ears still suck laugh

  2. When I first read the title, I read it as (MEN) in blue briefs and I was like WTF, REALLY?
    After about the fourth pass I realized it was (me) not (men).. Dumb ass Jami….
    Now that I look to see, I say, nice looking butt. I think I may pop the right cheek just one time… ;0)

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