Can we just take a second…

…and admire just how cute European boys are? I mean for fucks sake… Is this not one of the most cutest/beautiful-est boys you’ve ever laid eyes on? Look at those big ‘ol eyes and that cute little puppy dog nose! I mean jeeze, he even has a beauty mark! I absolutely adorn and envy this boy. <3 What must it be like to be that good looking. I mean honestly. How attractive. My heart aches at how fortunate he is. Woe is me ;p



12 thoughts on “Can we just take a second…

  1. Yeah. You are cute. Infact all mediteranian, american, russian,australlian, canadian white boys do have puppy nose. Nice shiny blond,black hair,.
    Cute little eye balls color green, blue, brown,gray,bluesh green,black. And a smooth young perfect baby face and body and smells like baby. I like baby smells. smile smile

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