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  1. This is an interesting post. We’d like to think that boyhood is all fun and sunshine, but it’s not. Part of that is every day life and is required for boys to grow up strong and emotionally healthy. The darkness we cannot accept is abuse, and I think several of these make a strong statement against that. The exception for me is the last pic. In the first one, the dad is being supportive of the boy. The intentions of the man in the last pic are unclear, and that makes it creepy.

    • I believe this might be from a movie, I remember seeing pics like this a few years ago, and they were from a movie.
      maybe the “Dark Age” is a clue to the name of the movie?
      or maybe the title IS “We Live in A Dark Age”!?

      I’m gonna do some research! smile

    • @ Chad…Funny how “art” evokes different feelings,interpretations and responses for each individual. See now I was thinking the opposite, I thought that the first pic the guy was being pervy with the boy I didnt see it as his Father because he has darker features and all and the way the boy looks scared of him and the way the adult is smiling and touching him and the last pic I dont see it as a man with “creepy” intentions,To me it just looks like his dad watching his son after a long day of sports.Now the finger impressions on that boy are meant to say he was touched,I guess…so?

      • Agreed. The first one looks like he’s making the boy feel bad, he doesnt want to be touched or be so close. In the last pic they’re just changing. I assume the intention of the last pic is dark, but that would be context, not clear from what you see in the picture.

  2. Its auwful what they do to us.Those vile evil monsters.I was a victim.I was only 9 years,and 10 years later,i’m still messed up. Its sad when we have to be scared,simply because were cute or handsome.I walk on egg shells and i’m on meds.Those evil monsters,they will in hell. One good thing,the old “F#####K” got the same thing in prison.Hes dead now. laugh He died of a heart attack.GOOD! Watch out,out there,and learn street smarts………..”PLEASE”. good good good

    • I’m curious, Mike Andrews – given what you posted here, what is your interest in this blog? I don’t ask to be critical but because our stories are similar. (Reply by PM if you prefer.) ~Steve

      • I don’t want to be speak for Mike, but wanted to add that from my experience, at least 25% of all boylovers have been abused in their own youth. They hate that experience, but are now stuck with being a boylover themselves. I think that does not have to be a problem: clearly you can love (the beauty of) boys without harming them. Being an adult comes with hormones though, with sexuality, and the need to have orgasms; then one has to imagine things, albeit fantasies. That part might be harder for those who have been abused, but still doesn’t have to be a real problem: just realise that fantasy and the real thing are totally different things. Fantasy is completely (morally) acceptable.

    • I’m sorry you went through whatever all you did, I was molested at age 8 or 9 also by a male teacher at a private Christian school but repressed the memories until I was 18. I’m on meds too. I forgave him though. It was hard & took a long time to do it but I did. I was also raped on other occasions and 1 that’s a long story led to a major suicide attempt and I almost died. Being abused any kind of way messes you up. I’ve had 2 other suicide attempts as well. 1 landing me in a trauma unit of a major hospital in Columbus, GA.

  3. Strange and dark things about bl. I hate to say this but those bl(not all) are abusers f***ers. I mean i hate them. I consider myself a shy type boy liker. I dont harm people. I only admire th from far away.

  4. I work with the abused children. These are just a pics but the reality it is darker than these. It is not easy to see children in trauma to the real life horror they encountered your heart will be pounded. To admire beautiful boys is not wrong what is wrong is abused and misuse them. I beg you all stop abusing children, please have a heart.

  5. I personally have seen boys that was used as slaves and abused verbally and Physically. In all walks of life from the most poor and the ultra rich. We have to be very careful with young lives boys or girls not to abuse. Admire adore and love them but keep your tongue and stay your hand. Life is hard enough as it is.

  6. Great pics , not easy for everyone to appreciate when there’s a serious message like this but I actually love this kind of pics, the bold and powerful interpretation of the artist and how hard must be to be creative in this cases where there’s so much sensitivity to deal with.

  7. This is all kinda spooky,but then dont the elitez sacrifice children at Bohemian Grove near Guerneville Calif. & i heard clintons campaign manager podesta is n2 satanik ritualz where they community paint with munstral blood, seamen & worse?! #4 & #5 are uniquely ghostly & im hoping its a friendly pederast ghost, not the supposedly common Old Hag Syndrome where young guyz awake to an old hag woman who molestz them. Look it up cuz ive heard it again & again, supposedly not an urban myth!! rtfm

  8. Ok I guess I’m confused…how do these pictures contribute to this blog showing the “beauty of boys”, or is this post only to make some kind of emotional or critical statement about bl’s and belongs elsewhere? I’m not seeing any beauty here with these… moderators what do you think?

  9. I have to agree yet Ive commented on political posts and they were not really about what this site is supposed to be about either…this is the second in as many days ( I think) post that involved images of children suffering in some form or another,Not at all about the Beauty of Boys and not something that I wish to see either Its a downer and a bummer and changes the whole mood and vibe of the site . I know it exists yet is this the proper forum for it.Like the political posts that I mentioned, most members preferred it to be taken to the “Forum” portion of this site and not discussed here on these pages. While I said my piece I know it was not really what the others wanted to be discussed…. Its not up to us I guess but up to the mods to decide.

  10. Apologies for this post…I never meant for it to bring down anyone’s spirit/emotions…

    I just thought all these pictures had a similar meaning to it and decided to make a post on them..

    After reading Justmehere1115’s comment and several other’s, I really think this post should be taken down yes

    Again, I deeply apologize for making this post and I won’t post anymore of this kind of theme again. This blog should be one that’s filled with the happiness of boys and the joy of loving boys! I can only say that I f-ed up dash cry

    If any mods see this, please do take down this post. I’m fine with it good

    • @Chew…..No need to apologize and there is no need to ask the mods to remove it. I give you credit for posting what you thought was interesting…No harm No foul your good.I do photography as a hobby and appreciate great photos good,bad and the ugly …Art comes in all forms and expressions there is no right or wrong .My comments were meant for the subject matter as a whole and not directed solely at you and its just my opinion of how I felt . Thanks heart

  11. Mixed bag of thought on the pics and the reactions to them. There is too much to say here now but the pics are well done and the boys are still cute. Art is always in the eye of the beholder. Life is not easy or simple for anyone and it can be tough for all people and that will probably never change. But whether this is the right place for pics – based on what this site is about – is a harder question to answer. The bottom line is life and people aren’t perfect but everyone in all pics on the blog and those of us looking at the pics need to hope for the best and try to be healthy and happy – all of us deserve that – no matter who you are.

  12. @chew Beauty is in the eye of the beholder & is interpreted different ways. Now hear me out. Not that I’m saying this is beautiful but it is reality. Some people, and I would venture to say, even on this forum would do stuff like this. What you posted was thought provoking, awareness raising & uncomfortable for some for different reasons. Some because they’ve been through it & some because they have and/or would inflict it. A lot of so called boy lovers rape children. If my comment is wrong why? Because it’s the truth. So be careful before you start throwing stones. Facts are facts.

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