29 thoughts on “Pashka #2

  1. I have followed him for sometime and love him dearly. Like many of the models I wonder if he knows how many men are in love with him and would die to see him up close and personal? Thank you for sharing cherryboy. drinks heart hug

  2. I have followed him for 2 years and this boy is my favorite above all. I don’t know why… He looks so nice, so friendly… Thank you very much ! hug joy heart
    A living jewel said Mistogan : oh yes, he is, indeed. And his gaze in #1 !

    • Apparently the mods have some sort of gripe with my comments, But I guess its fair because they removed not only mine but the offenders comments as well. I am not into any form of censorship especially when it is “selective” censorship when it becomes overly obvious that they choose whom to watch and censor based on past comments and not on the current comment or when it fancies them to do so on a “personal” whim. I have been told it is often because “someone” reported it Hmm Okay….. Anyway Thanks for your support on the matter I cant stand when someone unjustly tries to throw racial aspects into something when it is not true!!!

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