39 thoughts on “Say hello to my amazing friends

  1. Lots of great choices here. I would be so blessed if I could have just one of these boys in my life even for just a few moments. Those of you who have a boy or boys who love you are truly blessed and I know you know this. Hug you special boy for me as I dream of time with any one of these boys.

  2. The long-haired boy on the beach in pic # 8 is a total turn-on for me. I imagine him and me on a boylove beach for man/boy couples. I’m taking pictures of my sexy young lover before we head to our private resort hand-in-hand while I don’t hide my arousal for him. He’s 12 and just perfect for me. All the other man/boy couples watch us as we walk away. He is soooo hot and sexy!

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