18 thoughts on “by request: ARES!!!!!!! 2

  1. Ares is so hot! I like him younger and still young as a preteen…He is still a hottie to me and still cute!! I also like that boy in pic #2 in the Halo black shirt and there’s a slight glimpse of a cute boy scout in pic#5 on the left poking his face out..Man I wish I could see more of him…But anyway Ares is hot even “older” as said….He doesnt look old to me…. dash squirrel

  2. Ares will be, and is already one of the most beautiful boys that has ever existed, even if he was all grown up. Similar to Pashka, David Padgett and Jack etc laugh yes

    That said, he looks amazing in his scout uniform inlove inlove Absolute killer! blush I won’t be surprised if all the girls in his school had went crazy for him chuckle

    #2 is beautiful as well. Ares has gorgeous legs and chest heart Definitely would love to see more of him without a shirt laugh blush penguin

    Please continue to post more of him! Thanks YesterdayFeelings drinks good

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