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  1. OMG you’ve posted the great Robbie II in pic 1, the best looking boy model ever. Once he’s in the line up the other kids haven’t a chance although I like the boy with the goat in the last pic … nice shorts.

    • The great Robbie is a lovely boy, indeed. One of the best model, yes. You’ll see several other pictures of this boy. Many are not known ! But Robbie II was a model for hundreds and hundreds pictures, for several years. Thanks ! hug joy

  2. I love #1,7,9, so much Robbie has the prettiest tastiest nipples ever. Very rare to find them like that. Boy in pic. #9 is so pretty. And who doesn’t kik pretty red heads. Thank you.

  3. Oh my and oh boys – great artsy pics and all nice boys – my favs are 3 and redhead – totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow.

  4. Thank u once again for yur variety n pix & yur alwayz interesting commentz/repliez=#1,6,8,9 &10 were outstanding for me & i alwayz look forward to yur wunderful postz!! penguin not prejudiced like that moron boyaddicted fool that is so negative about boyz of color. sad

    • Thank you very much for your comment. I think all boys in the World deserve to be loved (all children in fact, not only boys of course). One thing is in fact that colored boys are not loved as much as the white one are ! I don’t know why or, maybe, I can guess why and often this make me sad. Colored boys, in many countries, are so sweet and immediately friendly smiling to you, without any reason, I mean without any idea of getting money for that. I had several boyfriends in Africa and they never asked me anything but friendship and, sometimes, love for ever. I was happy in Africa but stupid wars, politic and religious wars killed many people and some I knew ! But, for me, colored boys are a treasure that too much people don’t know. cat hug sorry but joy for my boys

  5. Old Troll here you are trolling again and making stupid malicious lies..I have nothing against anyone’s color..Idiot…How do you know what color I AM… Once again your leftist ways of playing the race card have failed….YOU were the one who was crying like a little bitch because you think BoB has too many white boys and because members commented so highly on the Paska post…YOU are the racist Anyone can look back on your moronic comments and see what im talking about,Its obvious Mommie and Daddy( If you even know who your Daddy is) didnt give you any attention so you have to TROLL websites for attention..What a pathetic old troll loser you are.

    • Il y a toujours de pauvres imbéciles qui ne comprennent rien à rien. C’est normal et vous dites apparemment n’importe quelle ânerie. Fort heureusement, les chiens aboient et la caravanne passe. Et vous devez même vous tromper de caravane à aboyer ainsi sottement. J’ignore ce qu’est un troll, en anglais, mais je sais ce qu’est un imbécile parfait en français.

    • I don’t know who you are talking to and what about ! It would be simple to answer to anything telling exactly what you read, who wrote what. I don’t understand one word of what you told me.

      • @Gaiato: oi eu nao estava falando com voce Eu amo seus “posts” laugh ,vou terminar em Ingles como im nao muito fluente em Portuguse. This comment was not to you Gaiato…. This was in response to the ugly vile comments that old troll “Uncle Dickless”above wrote about me and one of my comments in his response to him being an idiot to other members who liked the Pashka post..He was implying that WE who likes the post were “Racist” because Pashka is white and that BoB doesnt have enough “Colored” boys shown…Of course I took offense to some idiot that doesn’t even know me or what color I am and calls me a racist just because I disagreed with him,Its not racist to like one color of boy over another if you choose too ,BUT I NEVER said that I didnt like “colored” boys, HE said I said that….That led to him going through every comment and picture anyone else posted with colored boys saying that I am a racist…SO>>I told his ass off and even member “Riley Freeman” can attest to this crazy insecure wackos exploits ,Hes a very mentally disturbed lonely sick individual who is trying to start a divide here on BoB Sorry that this weirdo had to ruin your beautiful post with his rhetoric and lies… sorry

        • Muito obrigado, boyadd, pensei que a sua resposta foi para mim ! Disculpe e esquiça tudo o que disse. Foi um enganado. I didn’t know what this “Uncle” said about Pashka ! Forgive me if I thought your answer was for me, of course I couldn’t understand ! Sorry friend, this can happen. Let’s forget every mentally disturbed ones. Friendly and let’s go on loving all boys we like. Let’s spend time only for our boys. Don’t be sorry with me, I am old enough to understand hug joy

    • Im glad i pissed u off cuz u started it & now suffer pea brain!! laugh Sorry everybody else. U can erase this thread now if u want Sascha cuz it is very catty but making me laugh, & otherz also, i wont say who. But if u were paying attention really, u wood already know im a longtime Michael Savage listener who dont take crap from loserz, not much of a liberal at all, not in a long long time

      • @Gaiato……Ver isso e o que eu quer dizer ….olhar como tio dickless (eu chama-lo) esta tentando comecar o problema entre os membros. Um “troll” em ingles e um termo giria usado para descrever uma pessoa que gosta de comecar problemas e falar Merda na internet.Eu gosto de voce e susas postagens. Ele me chana de racista,entao eu tenho que me defender,eu nunca recuo de um bully desculpa pela mal-entendida e meu Pobre Portuguse…..com amor meu amigo. heart

        • Friendly, no matter, I understood where was the mistake. I just learnt what is a “troll” in ingles ! Obrigado and thanks for all, and spend our time only for boys. joy Com amor tambèm !

  6. Hot boy in three, reminds me of someone I called “Little Ron”. He looked a lot like this guy, small and young, tapered upper half, but those thick legs, and a bodacious thick… He wasn’t little anything there. He called me up from his hospital bed and asked me to join him for the night. Private room, having his appendix out in the morning. Wild boy! At least that part wasn’t hurting HIM? But I had a hard time walking the next day.

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