14 thoughts on “On TV: Boys In Their Underwear

  1. Pic 2 and the last pic are from the 1990 ‘Lord of the Flies’ film. Thing was they NEVER took their undies off the whole time on that island unlike the British boys in the 1963 version. How ridiculous and unreal. Wonder what’s going on in pic 6?

  2. I knew 4 of these right away including the fabulous newer Lord Of The Fliez movie that i like the boyz better in than eyeopening original in black & white i believe=i have newer one on dvd=#3 is from sequel to DiaryOf A WimpyKid where he has that pubescent nitemare of being caught at school with no clothes & nowhere to hide, #9 is Dewey & Malcolm from one of my fave alltime tv showz from around 2000, the hilarious Malcolm N The Middle. Thanx for posting this. My fave tv memory was a BIG beautiful teen kid who was on Nickalodeonz 1980z hit show YouCantDoThatOnTelevision with recurring shirtless & underwear comedy skitz & i cant remember his stage name, Kevin i think, but i thunk he was the most awesum Canadian ever!! joy i used to have copiez of episodez on BETA back n the day. Could maybe be found on utube?!

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