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  1. What has this website turn into?
    Now people want kids to show ther underwear and then the this adult shows his but who needs to see that.
    This website is for boys beauty not underwear beauty or other things that has nothing to do with beauty of boys.

    • Nothing at all against the guy – in fact he’s probably a very nice person. But yes, I agree that these kind of on-the-side, out of focus, badly framed, part-of-a-person photos are simply pointless and tiresome. I mean- what are they trying to achieve? Most people wear underwear – so what? If they want to model underwear they should go work for some advertising agency or something. But if they want to take nice photos of themselves, why not learn from the many fine examples of excellent photos of boys on this site, in all kinds of situations, taken with a bit of thought and creativity? It’s really not that difficult!

  2. As far as “no one’s ever happy” goes, yeah thats mostly true no matter what. Can’t please everyone all of the time, some might like this post, some won’t. If you don’t really care for this one, just keep clicking until you find what you like. There’s plenty to choose from. If Hanes doesnt do it for ya, find some speedos. Too much complaining just makes the experience less than great and takes up time that could be spent pleasuring yourself. Let’s try to keep things upbeat here, we’re all here for the same reason. Right? Smile, and have a bonerific time yes

  3. Im not disagreeing with most of what you said ( Bad pic angles,unflattering photos,badly framed,blurry etc) I agree…. I happen to hate the ( “Doggie ears and crap so ?) And also like you don’t like the half faced selfies and too close shots or sideways shots etc. So while I agree with those points I just don’t see the need to waste time on it so much? To each his own though. gamer

    • Yeah you’re probably right. I was just trying to encourage everyone to keep this blog a little classy and not to downgrade it with crap pics. But oh well – if that’s what people are into these days then yeah – I’m wasting my time! This blog has certainly changed in recent times. Probably why so many of the original people have left. Sad, but each to his own, I guess.

      • There is an expression out there, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and some may enjoy these pics. But I hear where you’re coming from. I am also mindful of the person that posted these pics, not just any pics but ones of himself, and he did try to share what he thought were the ones others may enjoy. If you had posted these and they were of you, and people on here trashed them, well you know how you would feel. Notice that Juan didn’t respond to any of the comments. I’m just trying to think of his feelings too, and I’d encourage him to try again. good

  4. Yes, “encourage him to try again” was my only purpose in my first comment. As I said, I have no reason to think of Juan as anything but a really nice guy. My point was to urge Juan and others like him to avoid pics like these which, although some may like for whatever reason, are certainly not flattering and don’t do him any favours. With a bit of thought and effort he could easily create pics that show himself off in a much better way.

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