16 thoughts on “Boys with body hair are nice 5

  1. “Boys with body hair are nice 5” And so often ignored by boylovers; our definition of “smooth” seems fixated upon the pubes, or lack of them, ignoring may boys’ attributes of arm and leg hair. I’m continually amazed it is “unseen” and unremarked upon by so many boylovers; if someone is described as “smooth,” it merely means “no pubes.” Heh! Smooth armed boys are very nice too, there’s no doubt about it, but there’s just something about a boy who isn’t . . . a level of fascination for me I’ve had ever since I was a kid. And yea, I had it too!

  2. Well thats one and I believe YOUR definition of smooth.. When I think of smooth I am not talking about the pubes per-say..Smooth in my boy vocabulary means all around body smooth…Like the arm pits,torso,legs,face,and yes arms and pubes too! Smooth doesnt necessarily mean “hairless” …These boys have hairy ”VELLUS” laugh arms but are still smooth….No acne bumps or stubble…just smooth….Hairy isnt a turn off But I believe boylovers often like a “smooth” “hairless” boy otherwise your getting into older guys or older looking boys and teen looks ,not really a boy anymore…. But YES I agree with the smooth term used to describe the over all body of a boy….but not that it means or focuses just on the pubes area…Dont get me wrong my AoA can get into the teens no problem. I guess its to each his own. drinks P.S. I love these boys above vellus and all!!

    • I concur with that vellusiousness. When I think of smooth I think of the whole body, since normally I am not able to see the pubic region of said pubes or lack thereof. Beauty is not judged by whispies alone, and a lil hair is just fine, just not a nest of it. Nice set of pics, likem all good

      • LMFAO….. laugh “A nest”….Thats too funny…..Yukky yet funny…That would make a good secret BL’s symbol a pic of a “nest” with the red circle and slash through it as in saying NO!!… chuckle good

  3. Oh my and oh boys – 6..9…10 are too much – totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – outstanding and incredible boys.

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