38 thoughts on “Wich one is your favorite? Mine is the last one

  1. Im guessin yur maybe 16 yearz old handsum boy, & dont worry, u look like a real teenboy hunk so let the haterz keep on hatin on yur choice of tasty shortz. I like the last pic also but im stickin with #4 but oh my, what BIG toez u have my BOY, the better to eat u toez first which should tickle just a bit!! squirrel

  2. Joran Ik zu graag likken en zuigen je af hele dag lang,je me hard te maken.mijn nederlandse zuigt,maar je het goed? laugh You look great and tasty too!! heart Oh yeah I almost forgot to answer your question ,, All are my favorite because your in them all…Awww….

        • Language lessons? Ok wait a minute, were should be we’re, isn’t good is a contraction for is not good, it should be is no good, and this waste of self pleasuring time here must go with that ‘no ones ever happy’ motto of boyaddicked’s. If you guys want language lessons, I’d go with Uncle Dalicious, ain’t noebudy kan trenslayte thet wonz wacko good

          • Actually with “Were” Thats a word IE: Language/Spelling…your suggestion of “We’re” As in We Are…..Has the same meaning with or without the punctuation’s( In common English but yes not proper)….Also it has to do with punctuation not spelling. I was merely needling the rude fellow because instead of accepting my attempt at trying to relate to him (a friendly gesture) he chose to be a little snippy and rude after all his title for the post was “Wich (sic) one is your favorite?” of course misspelling ” Which” And I never mentioned that at first… So Thank you for your attempt at correcting my punctuation but were is still We are with or without the punctuation in common verbiage although yes you are right for proper verbiage…….. I guess im dealing with a true “verbalist” laugh and please don’t mention my name in the same sentence as Uncle Dickless.. boredom boredom .Ill throw up chuckle

            • I was just having a little fun with it, I know what you were trying to do, its all good. But I do have to correct you on were and we’re, just because I’m bored lol…we’re is a contraction for “we are”. It’s not just punctuation, it’s an apostrophe. Like when you say we’re (we are) being stupid. Were is past tense in time, like the burgers were rare. You wouldnt say the burgers we’re (we are) rare. You would say the burgers were rare. We’re (we are) is now in the present. And were is in the past. We were dirty. We are (we’re) dirty . One you are now, the other you had been, but cleaned up. The meanings of the 2 words are not the same. Oh and I’ll leave your uncle out of it…And now we can all sleep better lol dash smile good

  3. @ Justmehere1115……Okay WE ARE Good heart I realize you WERE just having fun yes F*^kin with me…. laugh I made a grammatical error blush and now WE ARE friends…. penguin hug laugh

    • @boyaddicked Well at the time I was still in the ‘waste of time’ topic, plus I think he was just having some fun with your translating dutch that no one else would know anyway lol, and hey I gota new friend so it’s all good right cool penguin Oh and good idea on the ‘anti nest’ symbol, but someone might take that the wrong way and think ‘anti vag’ so idk about that one, but I like the way you think laugh

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