18 thoughts on “Working out and hanging around

  1. Not a bad idea, I’d like to get a few sniffs and snorts off this cutie too… I’d hang out with him anytime, all nice pics. Wait why does he have a ring on his left hand? Must be taken already, bummer

  2. I agree he must smell fantastic and tasty squirrel ..I would love to smell him everywhere possible…He is a very sexy boy Great age too..Just at the peak of hotness and I wish I could do sop many things with him…He is a doll! dash

  3. That kid is so puppydog fantasticky fine=his sinewy slim cleancut good lookz, thoze eyez & thoze rozy smoocherz i could feast on all day long as he workz up a sweat which i will gladly lyck from those smooth hairless fragrant of perspiration armpitz & all the rest of his taut young musclez=im sprhunng for this tasty young hun in a bun¡¡!! inlove joy

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