Boy Star Contest

One point for each of the celebrities you can name.

One point for naming a movie/show they were in.

Two points for quoting a piece of dialogue or theme song from that movie/show.






















32 thoughts on “Boy Star Contest

  1. 1. Can’t remember his name but he was Johnathan in “Who’s The Boss”
    2. Screen name was Mark McCane and the show was the Rifle Man. (I had a crush on him)
    3.I don’t know his name but the movie was Black Beauty. idea
    5.Ricky Schroder. Movie “The Champ”
    Wake up champ, wake up! First movie I ever cried at. Also in “Silver Spoons” and “Hill Street Blues”
    6. Lasey (spelling might be wrong)
    7. “The Courtship of Eddies Father”
    8.,9., and 10 no idea

    • 1 – Danny Pintauro
      2 – Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain on ”The Rifleman”
      3 – Kelly Reno
      4 – Mark Lester & Jack Wild after “Oliver!”
      5 – Ricky Schroeder
      6 – Tommy Rettig & “Lassie”
      7 – Brandon Cruz
      8 – Jay North in “Maya”
      9 – Joseph Gordon-Levitt circa “The Powers That Be” or “Dark Shadows” (before “3rd Rock from the Sun”)
      10 – Noah Hathaway sometime between “Battlestar Galactica” & “The Neverending Story”

    • #2=Johnny Crawford from 50’z or 60’z Black & White tv show Rifleman starring Chuck Connerz & his motherless son Mark McCain who started this show around age 10 & grew sinewy strong & chiseled cute handsum with occasional sweaty shirtless scenez from beginning til near 14 or 15 yearz old as in this muscular pic of such a formerly kinda frail prepubescent but kinda kocky smart pretencious boy in beginning of tv seriez = similar to Johnny Shefield in ancient Tarzan moviez. gamer

  2. No.1 is Danny Pintauro from “Who’s The Boss?” whom I had a huge crush on when I was young. blush You may also remember him from Steven King’s “Cujo” and I just admired him the other day on TV in a rerun from “Highway To Heaven” in a double episode “Men’s Best Friend”.

    “There’s a time for love and a time for living”… that’s four points. laugh

  3. The boy from Who’s The Boss is Danny Pintauro, of course, and the screen shot in pic 3 is from the movie The Black Stallion, starring Kelly Reno.

  4. 1. Danny Pintauro, Who’s theBoss.
    2. Johnny Crawford, Rifleman.
    3. Kelly Reno, Black Beauty.
    4. Ricky Schroeder, Silver Spoons.
    7. Brandon Cruz, Courtship of Eddie’s Father.
    9. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Angels in the Outfield.
    10. Noah Hathaway.

    don’t know the others. Had fun with this post. Thanks. good

    • Close. Real name is Tommy Rettig. Apparently the director had 3 boys as finalist for the part of Jeff but he couldn’t decide so he had the boys stand apart, brought in Lassie and the dog immediately went over to Tommy therefore he got the part.

  5. 1. Danny Pintauro, came out as gay after the show cancelled, Whos the Boss
    2. Johnny Crawford, Mark McCain on The Rifleman, he also became a singer after the show canceled. I love his songs, he was like 16yo, check out “Cindy’s Birthday” and “Rumors” and others on youtube, check out you will love his singing.
    3. Kelly Reno, The Black Stallion, not Black Beauty. The only movie he ever did.
    4. Wow that is a tough one, the shorts are pretty old but its in color, idk
    5. Ricky Schroder, The hot Ricker from Silver Spoons tv show and lots of movies
    6. Jon Provost as Timmy in Lassie
    7. Brandon Cruz, Joey in the Bad News Bears
    8. I’m going with Willie Aames on the left from Charles in Charge tv show
    9. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Third Rock from the Sun tv show and lets not forget Mysterious Skin movie
    10. Yeah that is ‘looks hot shirtless on a horse’ Noah Hathaway, Atreyu in Neverending Story

    Ok, who knows the answer for pic 4 I gotta know laugh dash
    And I’m not going to sing the theme songs lol, how about trivia of the actor without looking anything up laugh
    Nice change of of pace with this post, I like it thanks Pootlen

  6. Fun fact for Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain in the Rifleman…after the show ended he was about 16yo and recorded a good number of songs, great singer and had a few in the top 10 back then…here is two of them “Cindy’s Birthday” and “Rumors” these both went top 10 for him. He has like 20 songs on his Greatest Hits Cd that came out a couple years ago…it sells on ebay for $15 if you like the sound good

  7. Ricky and Jonathan are the only 2 boys I recognized – with the others, I only knew the show – like Lassie – or movie – like Black Beauty – and I knew Joseph a bit – and the rest, I had no idea. This was tough test but I will give myself 6 and 1/2 points – LOL.

  8. I big “thank you” to all those that participated. I enjoyed reading your comments. I love to reminisce about the boy idols I’ve had crushes over. Maybe later I’ll do another one of these quizzes.

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