19 thoughts on “Pics of me

  1. YOU are a hot boy..Wish pics were clearer though But blurry or not I can still see how hot you are…But watch out next week Travis will post these and say your his BF Christopher… chuckle

  2. I see peabrainz back commenting b4 me but anyway i think yur a handsum hottie & i must see more b4 i can go total abz jealous but i think i see a tight 8pack goin on there so im still quite impressed=post more pleaze, with extra cheeze¡¡!! Shirtless wood be great, undiez even better=i guess u wear loose boxer shortz so i wanna collect them when dyrty¡¡!! squirrel Classic briefz are tasty also¡! penguin

    • OLD TROLL I wasn’t talking about you and how you molest young underage defenseless homeless boys off the streets of San Francisco that you have to PAY for. I was actually commenting on a reply to me that is not here anymore form another jerk-off who is just like you ,but not as OLD and TROLLIE.. laugh If I were you I’d mind my own business unless you want some…Ive seen your stupid comments and stupid mizzzspelud wurdz and haven’t said anything up until now…So mind your business and I will mind mine….If not I can go all day pal. diablo

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