18 thoughts on “Please don’t leave me all alone…

  1. A sad theme, but somehow beautiful, and both elements are reflected in the photographs. I particularly like the mood and textures of the 4th photo.

  2. I woodnt ever leave summa theze adorable adonis boyz alone but they seem to have abandoned me more & more as i get older, not my fault cuz im too nice & too caring/helping for my own good=maybe sumbody cute needz daddy slurpie snax eater with bankaccount but i havent met them lately as i dont go out as much cuz the pretentious menu was getting rather sour already anyway, not like this tasty site & the clubz dont uzually stay the same for long, especially x clubz lke powerexchange back in the popular daze or PolkStreet which i barely recognize=gone are the gay barz & available young guyz there for a while now. cry

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