13 thoughts on “Azov – Fight wet!

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic series, best I’ve sen in ages! I’m getting wet just looking at that paddling pool.
    What the hell is on the front of those pants, I can’t make it out. But because they’re all wearing the same is it like a sports team that get issued with uniform underwear? I like the thought of that dog
    Thank you so much for posting.

  2. I wonder were the out takes are? You know that they had to have gotten some woodies during all that wrestling but couldn’t include them in the series …I wish we could see those shots!! Better yet the ones with no undies at all… shock

  3. In pic 1 there are three boys in white pants one in grey and navy and one in red. In Pic 2 there are four in white pants and oen in red. After this it becomes unclear as the red pants don’t figure so maybe they too got swapped for white. This would support the theory from johnking9999 about uniform pants. Pics 4&5 there is a definite grab for a sensitive part of the boys anatomy

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